Monday, November 21, 2011

Third Marking Period

                       I chose the staement "There is a difference between being quiet and being withdrawn." I chose it because I understand what it is saying but don't really know if I agree and disagree with it I guess you could say I disagree with it because it is just atrual for someone to become quiet when they are being withdrawn. When people are being excluded(synomous to withdrawn) they tend to be very quiet and just process thoughts in their heads. So really I dont think there is much of a difference from being quiet and withdrawn.
                       When I was a little kid i was excluded from a lot of stuff (only because I kept switching from school to school). So whenever that happened I would always be a combination of sad and upset.  would also just be very quiet for the rest of the day. Bt, everyone who I was living with always asked me if I was ok. ecause i wasnt that really loud obnoxious kid that i still am today. I would act totally different when I was being withdrawn.
                        In my opinion, people that get withdrawn and excluded from activities more frequently then others tend to be a lot more shy and hidden then everone else. They would rather sit in a corner alone then be at a birthday party with other little kids his or her age. But, I can also relate to that. Because I was somewhat the same way. But, if i got invited to a birthday party I would go so I could make new friends.

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